SAMSUNG Guru FM Plus SM-B110E/D(Dark Blue)

SAMSUNG Guru FM Plus SM-B110E/D(Dark Blue)

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SAMSUNG Guru FM Plus SM-B110E/D(Dark Blue)
Featuring an Enhanced UI and Easy Connection Options, the Samsung Guru FM Plus is a feature phone that any smartphone user would love to have as a backup phone. Distinctive, Eye-catching Design This phone is elegantly designed and it has a leather-feel rear casing, which offers a secure and a comfortable grip. Enhanced UI The Guru FM Plus’ enhanced user interface makes for better visibility, and it also lets you see if you have any missed calls or unread messages without unlocking the screen. Easy Connection Options Thanks to its micro USB port, you can charge this phone easily by using an universal micro USB cable. It also has a 3.5-mm earphone port that lets you connect a wide variety of headphones/earphones to it, so you can listen to your favourite songs conveniently.

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