Guide to Teaching Art | ebook

Guide to Teaching Art | ebook

Aug 5, 2022 - 23:27
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Guide to Teaching Art | ebook
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Over 160 pages. For the professional teacher

Learn how to structure your course, how to handle difficult students, and  how to take your students from an absolute beginner for them being able to create sophisticated works of art. Lots more.

PLEASE NOTE – The wealth of information in this book is of limited practical use unless you have learned the 12 Advanced Oil Painting Techniques. 

So you want to teach art?

Pull in the cash.  Why not. It’s tough earning money as an artist.

Your hands have been smeared with oil paint, turps has caught the back of your throat. You’ve worked hard and exhibited. You’ve put paintings online. Lovely comments, but the sales are few and far between.

Time to..

Make money !

The sums are good, too. You’ve done them. Charge $200 for a course or workshop, get ten students. $2000 instantly! Double the price, double the money. 

That’s money which isn’t coming from painting sales.

Or the money is already good. Time then to 

Get the accolades !

Maybe get in the paper. Be the local stand-out.

And running courses or workshops gets your own artwork instant publicity, too. Let’s not pretend that isn’t good.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it !

And it is.  Well, it’s a lot easier than you may think.

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